Understand British spoken English : A listening course

Do you want to understand native speakers? Learn the skills that will make communication easier

Spoken English can be hard to understand.

What you’ll learn

  • Understand real spoken English.
  • Improve English (ESL) Listening skills.
  • Discover tips to listen better to fast native British English speakers.
  • Become a better communicator in real everyday spoken English.
  • Learn strategies to listen better to English.

Course Content

  • Introduction –> 1 lecture • 4min.
  • Course –> 11 lectures • 1hr 46min.
  • Thank You –> 1 lecture • 2min.
  • BONUS MATERIAL –> 2 lectures • 11min.

Understand British spoken English : A listening course


  • Intermediate level of English language skills.

Spoken English can be hard to understand.

Maybe you watch movies or shows on Netflix and find it difficult to follow what is being said,   but you understand it when written down..

Why is this?

Why is Listening to real fast English difficult and can often sound like a washing machine going round and round ….

Maybe you use English at work, want to study in UK or live in an English speaking country but find it hard to follow British colleagues when they are speaking at a natural speed?

In this course, I will shine a light on how to unlock your listening power and help you in real life situations beyond the classroom.

Learn the simple strategies to have better English pronunciation.

Understand native speakers better.

Improve your confidence at work and in social situations

Watch video lectures for detailed information and strategies on improving your listening

Try exercises to actively improve your understanding British English

Listen to real-life recordings of spoken English to dramatically help your listening in English!

Access PDF’s to see the main points in each video

After taking this course, you will be able to use the strategies that native English speakers use unconsciously to understand real, unscripted English as it is spoken in UK today.


What do current students say about this course?

” The background is nice and elegant, your tone of voice puts the viewer at ease and you are saying the right things to people who want to improve their English” – Sara Savoia


“With English not being my first language, this course really helps you learn how to understand and speak to people with real English. I found it so frustrating having to learn local dialect, and i wish i had this course when i first moved here!” – Ziva K


“This course helps me a lot with English pronunciation. I found the quick exercises at the end of each chapter super useful. Thanks!” – Maya Louru


“The courses is super useful, fun and easy to understand. I love the teaching style and video quality. Worth every penny :)” – Piotr Sobocinski


“This course helped me a lot with English pronunciation and listening I found those quick exercises at the end of each chapter really useful”. ? Many thanks. – Chananchida


“Listening it is an important skill when learning a language… Michael is very clear when explaining these concepts with good examples. The course syllabus is complete and essential to improve not only the listening but the the speaking skill too. Students will become more fluent and speak more like a native speaker”.   – Fabio Baiardo





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