JEE Toppers Mindset

How toppers prepare for JEE Mains and JEE Advanced

Welcome to this life transformational course. If you are a JEE aspirant, this course will change your destiny. As a JEE qualified coach, having more than a decade of experience. I am going to put all the key habits that JEE Toppers had.

What you’ll learn

  • Learn Strategies and Techniques to secure AIR under 1000 in JEE Mains and JEE Advanced.
  • Get to know habits of JEE Toppers..
  • Learn topper mindset and approach..

Course Content

  • Why JEE and IIT? –> 2 lectures • 8min.
  • JEE Toppers Mindset –> 4 lectures • 39min.
  • Best JEE Preparation Resources –> 1 lecture • 9min.

JEE Toppers Mindset


  • Familiarity with JEE..
  • Desire to learn and a SUCCESS PLANNER DIARY..

Welcome to this life transformational course. If you are a JEE aspirant, this course will change your destiny. As a JEE qualified coach, having more than a decade of experience. I am going to put all the key habits that JEE Toppers had.

No doubt, the success rate in IIT-JEE is even lesser than 1 percent. But at an equivalent time, I even have seen just one student in any class who have the subsequent qualities: 100% attendance, 100% concentration within the class (just like the concentration of a wicketkeeper) 100% punctuality of your time. I suggest all of you succeed in every class a minimum of 5 minutes before starting the category.

Regular revision of sophistication notes and formulae. All class notes and formulae should get on tips. Today’s lecture and every one formula of today’s lecture should come on your tips in your tomorrow’s lecture and you ought to not forget them till the ultimate exam is over.

No distractions from mobile phones, the internet, and other age-related issues, trust me if you’ve got above five qualities, you’ve got already achieved 50% success.

Yet I’m supplying you with a number of the tips:

1. Nowadays quite 99% of students are joining coaching classes. So if we compare between two students of the same caliber, one who has joined coaching classes will take edge over the opposite who isn’t getting to coaching classes because in any competition most of the questions are concept based. In coaching classes, the expert faculties reduce your learning time. So against my inner will, I ask you to hitch some coaching class (only one time) just after your board examinations of sophistication 10th. Don’t get late therein.

The coaching class has only a 10% role in success. 90% depends upon the scholar. But that 10% is extremely important. So the choice of an excellent coaching institute is that the initiative towards success. For the selection of coaching Institute I am further dividing the scholars in two categories:

(i) Students who have above five qualities. For these students given below are the parameters while deciding an honest coaching institute:

experienced and permanent faculties altogether three subjects, classes should last till the ultimate exam. After the mains there should be a sufficient number of classes for advanced. Interaction hours with the scholars should be as maximum as possible. Number of scholars within the institute should be neither too less nor too more. Institute should be a minimum of 5 years old.

(ii) Students who lack in first five basic qualities should choose a training institute that have above parameters plus some additional features like some faculties should be dedicated for private doubts, where the institute monitors the scholars on day to day and send their report back to parents,

2. After selection of excellent coaching Institute the selection of right school also plays vital role. regardless of which board you’ve got . In my opinion, the faculty is best where there are not any extracurricular studies, only good studies. Study hours and days should be as minimum as possible in order that student get sufficient time to focus in competitions. Number of unit tests should be negligible. No home work from the varsity . they ought to focus only in studies in minimum school timings.


See the interviews of toppers of IIT-JEE but don’t attempt to follow their strategy. they’re exceptional. they will complete 3–4 books in each subject in two years. For a traditional child it’s difficult. So in my opinion their strategy isn’t getting to assist you . they’re going to suggest names of 2–3 foreign authors books. and that i have faith on them they read those books. For a traditional child it’s difficult to extract the details (from JEE point of view) from those books, as they’re not written for Indian competitions.


Consistency in studies is extremely important. regardless of what’s your capacity of study hours. But whatever is it, it should be consistent. to stay consistent for two years, may be a bit difficult task for a traditional child. So break theory may be a good option. If you’re keen on watching movies then in your monthly schedule fix movie time a minimum of twice a month (fortnightly). Also fix small gaps in your daily schedule . If gaps are preplanned then they assist you tons in focussing your studies within the remaining time.


Try to observe friends in schools and coachings who are focussed for IIT-JEE.


Fear of failure within the exam is that the main hurdle of success. So always believe Hindu philosophy: Karma kiye jaa fal ki ichcha mat kar ei insaan. Because results aren’t in your hand. Enjoy the journey. i might rather suggest you to require a next chance also (I am talking about drop year) if unfortunately you can’t crack IIT-JEE in first attempt. Because in real sense IIT-JEE syllabus for a traditional child is of three years. you would possibly have seen many civil services aspirants who crack civil services in 2nd or 3rd attempts. If you’ve got prepared for 2 years then you ought to not return back from the D. Koshish kar ne walon ki kabhi haar nahi hoti (the famous poem of Haribanshrai Bachchan, very inspiring). In my opinion B Tech from IITs,NITs and a few other good institutes remains an honest career option in India.


Note: Students trust me, 90% road accidents are thanks to our mistake, only in 10% cases is our bad luck. Same is that the case here, in 90% cases we fail in any exam thanks to our wrong strategy or preparing half heartedly only in 10% cases is our bad luck. Sorry to require the incorrect example but both conditions were similar that’s why I took this instance .

This course saves you a lot of time, effort & energy wasted while figuring out the right methods of studying & also lakhs of rupees because if applied properly, this course guarantees success. You get 12 lakhs per annum average package from IIT, 7 lakhs per annum average package from NIT & 4 lakhs per annum average package from a private college. So this course provides a great ROI. We can definitely help you go from Private college level to NIT Level to IIT Level.

Our mentees get the following measurable results in their preparation journey on a regular basis:

  • Increment in daily focused self-study hours to at least 6 in just 3 months
  • Strong concepts
  • Good problem-solving skills
  • Good exam scores & rank
  • Clarity, Happiness & Joy

Do you want these results as well?

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Who this course is for:

  • JEE Mains, JEE Advanced Students of Class IX, X, XI, XII and Drop Year
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