Electrical motor for Everybody


Electrical Motor for Everybody!

What you’ll learn

  • Describe the working principle of DC motors..
  • List and Discus the parts of DC motor and their function..
  • Describe diffrent types of DC motors..
  • Describe the working principle of AC motor..
  • Describe different types of AC motors such as synchronous and Induction motors..
  • Identify applications of AC motors..
  • Describe the construction and operation of three phase Induction motors..
  • Learn how to select electrical motors based on their specification..
  • Describe construction and operation of single phase induction motors..
  • Identify application area of single phase induction motors..
  • Discuss types of single phase induction motors such as split phase, capacitor start, capacitor run and shaded pole motors..
  • Explain construction and operation of special type motor like brushless motors, servo motors and reversible motors.
  • Identify application area of special type motors..
  • Learn common electrical motors troubleshooting techniques..

Course Content

  • Introduction to Electrical Machine Course –> 12 lectures • 1hr 17min.

Electrical motor for Everybody


Electrical Motor for Everybody!

Electrical motor for everybody is a course designed for all level trainees of different field of studies, this course dos not require specific education level or course prerequisite, the course is precisely and carefully designed, anybody can learn without any difficulty. My over 15 years experiences and skill regarding electrical machine, help me to design the course that fit all level, I can guarantee everybody at the end of this training everybody will equipped with  electrical motor knowledge, I can promise you, I  teach you electrical motor from “A” to “Z” without any Physics and mathematical calculations, I prepared the course to easily understood by everybody, so that  Academician of all field of study or technician of any field of study, students, hobbyist, pilot trainees, aircraft technician trainees, automotive and metro technicians and other staff  can take and understand and apply the course safely without any difficulty.

This day our day to day activities are based on electrical motors, we are completely dependent of electrical motor operated devices, so that Knowing electrical motor can make your day to day activities smoother and more easier. For instance in your house at least there are more than 30 items that operate based on electrical motors, to list some;  Blenders, fans, washing machines, hair dryers, drills, and also a lot of things you might not think of at first, look Refrigerators have electric motors to run their coolant pumps, Microwaves have electric motors to rotate the cooking platter, Old-style clocks that plug into the wall contain motors, as do CD and DVD players, cassette decks and turntables, Cars, even those that aren’t hybrid or electric contain many small electric motors to run the fans, windshield wipers, fluid pumps and other items, not to mention the starter motor, Most battery-powered toys and hobby items also use electric motors. We all are dependent on Electrical motor.  This course help you at least to select the right motor for the right task, to identify common motor problems, to remove defected motors and to replace with the new one. Everybody I would like to guarantee you, If this course can not transform you or can not add a value on you, automatically your money will refunded with in a month.

Just to give you a highlight the course objective is listed as follow.

After taking this course, you will be able to:

  • practice safe working methods on electrical systems
  • Understand How The AC Motor Works On AC Power Sources
  • Know How To Select And Size The Motor For Most Applications
  • Know The Common Reasons For Motor Failures With Several Practical Examples
  • Know What To Do When The Motor Fails
  • Know How To Predict The Likelihood Of A Future Motor Failure
  • Be Able To Determine The Root Cause Of The Failure And Provide Remedial Measures To Prevent Or Reduce The Frequency Of The Same Type Of Motor Failures
  • Understand The Required Maintenance Of The Motor
  • Know How To Protect The Motor.
  • Know When A Special Motor Will Be Required.
  • Identify and select the right motors for different applications.
  • learn how to replace defective electrical motor.
  • Describe operation, construction and characteristics of series, shunt and compound DC motors.
  • Describe methods used for speed control, directional control and braking.
  • Identify which application require constant speed, or high torque motors.
  • Describe the construction and operation of starter motor/ generators.
  • Describe the construction, operation and characteristics of single and polyphase induction and synchronous motors.
  • Describe the method of reversing the direction of rotation of an AC motor.
  • Describe construction & operation of linear and rotary actuators.
  • Describe the operation of various methods of torque limiting.
  • Describe operation of servomechanism systems.
  • Describe the construction and operation of series DC and AC servomotors.

When you complete this DC motor and AC motor course, You will learn DC generator and AC generator Course…..

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