21 Tips to help you Create sentences Faster and Communicate Clearer English in business… even if you are scared or shy

Are you scared to speak English for business?

What you’ll learn

  • Learn these 21 tips that will teach you how, as a BUSY: professional, business owner, you can communicate in English with less fear in business..
  • Learn these 21 tips that will teach you how, as a BUSY: professional, business owner, you can speak in large or small groups with less fear..
  • Learn these 21 tips that will teach you how, as a BUSY: professional, business owner, you can resolve conflict in English..
  • Learn these 21 tips that will teach you how, as a BUSY: professional, business owner, can use these tips anywhere… to anyone..

Course Content

  • Introduction to the class and why Speaking English can be easier for you. –> 1 lecture • 8min.
  • 21 TIPS 1 – 4 –> 1 lecture • 10min.
  • 21 TIPS 5 – 7 –> 1 lecture • 10min.
  • 21 TIPS 8 – 10 –> 1 lecture • 12min.
  • 21 TIPS 11 – 14 –> 1 lecture • 10min.
  • 21 TIPS 15 – 18 –> 1 lecture • 9min.
  • 21 TIPS 19 – 21 –> 1 lecture • 12min.



Are you scared to speak English for business?

The best speakers use tactics, tips and strategies to speak/communicate even if they are scared.


My name is Sakani (sa-connie) D’Angeles. I help busy business people who are learning American English become fluent by teaching them: Pronunciation Modification and other effective techniques so they can Communicate Clearer in international business to anyone, anywhere… even if they’re shy and or scared.




THIS COURSE IS NOT FOR people who just want to learn to talk about just the weather and the latest news.


If you are not open minded and willing to learn tactics and strategies to help you speak better English for business then this short, effective, direct-and-to-the-point course is not for you.



You learned one tip in my video: “speak slow.” I have many others. Here is 1 more tip you can use now to help you speak clearer English for business:


We have all heard people say this when beginning to speak to a group. The most important thing when speaking is making a connection so the other person listens to what we say right?


Mistake 2: Saying “you guys” and “ladies and gentleman” when speaking to a group. It can create a deeper connection to the audience by… Talking to the group as if they are one person.


How? SAKANI TIP: Saying: “Me, I and you”. That’s it!


Example: “Thank you for coming. I am happy to talk with you this evening about…etc. Don’t say, “take your seats.” Say, “take your seat.”





Here are a few things you will learn: How to…


1) Apply the tactics and strategies I teach in meetings with

international co-workers and international customers/clients.


2) Communicate very well in conferences big or small.


3) Write more effective emails/letters that are very easy to read.


4) Communicate using my lessons EVEN IF SCARED.


And more.





Born in Philippines. Raised in South Texas. College at St. John’s (Queens). Traveled outside of US. Returned, forgot English. Had to re-learn. Relationships were destroyed. Studied. Practiced. Now better at clear communication. I had RELEARN how to speak my own ‘native’ language of English all over again. It was terrible and I was scared. So… I KNOW HOW YOU FEEL.


Shy, Scared, and Learning English for business?


I am you.


I have traveled over 80,000 kilometers around America… that means my English is different than any other teacher you have met or heard. I have taught over 400 learners of American English from over 27 countries how to speak better since 2016 online and offline.


I also have worked with over 100 companies such as Verizon, Chase & AT&T in customer service, marketing and conflict resolution. These qualities enable me to teach American English in a unique way for effective results!




I am a very shy person. I still get scared to speak. The difference is I learned how to stay shy AND speak better.


You can too!



I have a English Tutor Certification, over 15 years of English public speaking & presenting experience.




The 21 tips class gives comprehensive tips which are easy to follow on how to communicate clearly and get your point across. It’s also a joy to listen to because of the relaxed calm voice of Sakani.


Sigurd Solli, Actor, Norway


Thanks to Sakani I have learned how to understand and speak American English in a more effective way. He has his own method and it is unique. I have read many books, and listened to many podcasts, and watched many videos and his simple tips have been the most effective. I was able to speak better in different environments after only a few classes.


Jacopo Reale, ​Film Editor for companies such as Disney, Paramount Pictures, Sony Music, Sky Sport, MTV & more. Italy


This amazing lesson began with my little question to Sakani with asking his advice in learning languages sphere )…. I didn’t notice how lesson was over! At the end of the lesson I was inspired by Sakani’s tips, I received incredible new ideas how to developing / improve my languages skills. Thank you, Sakani : )))!


Tetiana T., Ukraine, Patent Attorney


I have taken class with Sakani for more than 3 years. As a teacher as well as a supervisor of an education center in Taiwan, I have experienced that Sakani is a teacher with not only good teaching skills but also passion for helping people with English problems. He is indeed a great teacher who I am happy to recommend.


Allen Tsai, School Director, Wright Education Center, Taiwan


Sakani is a big professional in teaching, business, coaching and some different fields. As a Spanish teacher, I know the difficult to teach and organized the lessons. Sakani has a really good method for do the best of the student and try to improve as fast as possible. I cannot recommend him enough! Thank so much Sakani!


Manolo Aguilar CEO Planyts, Spain

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