Transform your own Food Waste/Scraps into Compost in 35 days

Practice mindfulness with this On-ground Backyard Composting method. Easy to Follow, guided all along the whole process

Let’s embody a solution to the Organic & Food Waste pollution

What you’ll learn

  • How to transform your kitchen Food Waste into Compost with accesible tools.
  • Expand your environmental consciousness. Why compost should be considered as a Food Waste solution.
  • Practice mindfulness by being present with nature. See how nature works even in an isolated environment where nature is limited..
  • Confront your compost challenges. We all have an assumption about compost being scary. However, a well managed compost process decreases limiting beliefs.

Course Content

  • The ultimate guide for Backyard Composting –> 1 lecture • 7min.
  • Module 1 : An Introduction to the Compost Fundamentals –> 7 lectures • 23min.
  • Module 2 : The Set-up of your Compost Process Train –> 10 lectures • 46min.
  • Module 3 : The process of transforming your kitchen Food Waste into Compost –> 9 lectures • 55min.

Transform your own Food Waste/Scraps into Compost in 35 days


Let’s embody a solution to the Organic & Food Waste pollution


Witness Mother Nature’s magic. Open your mind and your heart whilst stepping up your environmental awareness.

The aim of this Backyard Composting program, is to shift the Mindset and set up a Mindful perception around Food Waste/Scraps.



Composting is the next level of environmental awareness.




Hi there my friends!

My name is Carlos. I am the Founder of Food Waste Cycle and I am pleased to introduce to you the perfect backyard composting program that guides you on how to set up your Composting Process Train; set up your Food Waste generation source (kitchen), calculate the Food Waste storage capacity and the compost space you need according to your own situation. As well as guiding you on the actual composting process of your own Food Waste/Scraps from day 1 (creation of compost batch), to day 35 (compost harvest).


Believe me, I know what it takes to start from scratch and with limited resources.


I believe, that compost shouldn’t be about the struggle; instead, it should be an opportunity to connect with Mother Nature, to be present and to feel satisfied.


This program is divided into 3 modules. With a duration of 2 hours in total, split in short videos within 27 clips.

The program outline is the following:


  • 1st module – The romance behind the Compost.Reflection of my own perspective of the Organic Waste Management topic, Mindset and Mindfulness.
  • 2nd module – The Composting train set up Setting up from the Food Waste generation source to the actual composting process. This is where you will discover what to do with all that food waste and yard waste (dry leaves, grass clippings, woodchips) 
  • 3rd module – The Composting process of Food WasteShowing the whole process of composting and curing period. From the preparation of your gathered Food Waste to the detailed progress every week from day one (the Compost batch creation) to the curing process after the compost harvest.


As you can see, I have taken the time to create the most reliable and resourceful method to compost…

Because I want it to be easy, smooth and practical for you.


Come and join me in this composting journey so we can grow our knowledge together in order to create more reliable knowledge around this beautiful topic.


Let’s be part of the solution to the Organic Waste pollution!

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