Beautify Your voice in Quran with maqamat and Melodies

The Best Course in How to Beautify your voice in reciting Quran Kareem using various of melodies or Maqamats

Recite Quran by amazing voice for beginners

What you’ll learn

  • What we mean by maqam or melodies in reciting quran kareem.
  • If Maqamat haram or Halal ( Allowable in islam or not?).
  • why we should learn maqamt ?.
  • what is the conditions of Learning Maqamt ?.
  • How we can Educate our listening or hearing ?.
  • How we can educate our vocal chords ?.
  • The type of human voice ?.
  • Excercise of how to long your brathing.
  • What is vocal chords and how we can produce the sound.
  • the Exercise of vocal chords Aaaaaaahhhhhh , Hammmming.
  • Study these maqamat (Maqam Saba -Maqam Hojza- Maqam Rast -Maqam Sika – Maqam Ajem- Maqam Kurd- Maqam Bayate- Maqam Nahawant.

Course Content

  • Introduction Of Maqam Course –> 1 lecture • 10min.
  • The First Part – Exercise of Breathing and vocal cords –> 5 lectures • 1hr 18min.
  • Part 2 The Orignal Maqam –> 8 lectures • 1hr 47min.

Beautify Your voice in Quran with maqamat and Melodies


Recite Quran by amazing voice for beginners


This is presentation for course of maqamat and a detailed explanation and show our technique to be professional in this field

(Top secrets for applied students in this course only)

  the course depends on three points (Three HOW)

1. How to educate your voice (exercise of vocal cords) Learn how to drive your voice not the opposite

2. How to long your breath

3. How to educate your listening (listening for reciters of Quran and how to imitate them)

Concerned about point number 1 and 2 there are 5 recorded leacures explain this point in detail,

concerned about number 3 there one lecture explains this in detail (How to imitate Quran recitors ,

The best of them who use various melodies or maqamat in the reciting


We have 8 maqam with 8 amazing videos explain each maqam in detail enclode the meaning of maqam’s name, key melody, examples from Quran and Athan.

#You should watch each maqam with the arrangement (start with Saba, Higaz ,Bayati and so on)

# Each maqam attached by telawa of Sheikh Alshahat Mohamed anwer the duration is about 2 hours

# Take a reset (One week or two) before you take the next maqam.

#At the end of course, I put a gift for you? lectures combine between maqamat plz watch it end give her your attention, divide it to shorts syllables and imitate it

# Last my dear student you should know that I do my all best to finish and present this course in high level of easy and simple so enjoy with it and don’t share it with any body

#After finishing this course If you need live lectures using zoom meeting app to discuss with me your level in reciting Quran plz contacts with my office manager Mr Khaled on telegram or watts up ?00201008743282

#About me

My name is Samir abdelghani  specialist teacher in tajweed of Quran and academic teacher of science of maqamat (melodies in Quran)

The owner of Naghm academy for Quran science

Teach all student all over the Arabic and foreign world for a long time since 2010 till now

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