Fancy Powershell Tool Making Course

Create Health Checkup PDF generation from the patient data with your template file

In this course, you are going to learn the below items

What you’ll learn

  • Data feeded to your form gets converted to pdf from the template you wish.
  • Will realize that your laptop have this report generation feature hidden.
  • Can impress friends by customizing the tool based on your requirements.
  • Can generate a Greeting\wedding card with custom details in it.
  • Upskill powershell knowledge for existing powershell guys.

Course Content

  • Introduction –> 1 lecture • 2min.
  • Scripts download section –> 1 lecture • 1min.
  • Simple Health Checkup App Creation –> 7 lectures • 23min.
  • PDF Report Generation of Reports –> 3 lectures • 16min.
  • Final Standalone Application creation –> 2 lectures • 5min.

Fancy Powershell Tool Making Course


  • No Programming experience needed. Anyone can make this tool with ease..
  • Am not bluffing . Please experience..

In this course, you are going to learn the below items

App creation part

  • Basic Form creation
  • Add patient Labels to the form
  • Add textbox to fill patient details
  • Add Gender of patients (Combobox)
  • Add Remarks by Doctor (Rich Text Box )
  • Buttons addition to generate LAB Reports
  • Add a hospital related picture to the form

PDF Report Generation of Reports

  • Script (powershell function) to convert data to PDF reports
  • Add the PDF creation function to the Tool
  • Build any template using MS Word

Final Standalone Application creation

  • Standalone application creation with the final script


– No need to know any programing languages.
– Powershell basics are only required

– Customize to your needs and requirements easily
– Invitation purpose
– Bill Generation
– Report Generation

If you wish to create a birthday invitation to multiple persons, you can customize this tool to cater your requirements.

If you wish to create and send wedding cards with some template but only need to change the recipient names, customize this tool and the learnings to achieve that.

Create an easy Bill generation app if you own a shop and you dont want to buy a software for creating the bills with the data you feed. Customizations can be done accordingly.


I made this course intentionally smaller, to equip every one in a shorter time with this skill. Yet tried to add all the required components.


Reach out to me in case of any clarifications on this.

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