Mindfulness Meditations for Kids – ages 5-17

Guided meditations for kids! Includes printable guides so that you can guide children through practices yourself!


What you’ll learn

  • 9 Guided Mindfulness Meditations for Kids Aged 5-17.

Course Content

  • Guided Meditation Practices –> 9 lectures • 36min.

Mindfulness Meditations for Kids - ages 5-17



In this course you will find 9 guided relaxation videos that are perfect for children aged 5-17, these practices are all simple enough for children to follow, these practices will leave children feeling calm, relaxed and peaceful in both their body and their mind.

This course is perfect for kids yoga teachers as you can guide children through these exact meditation in your classes, this will also be a great course for teachers who would like simple meditations for kids to practice in class and for parents who would like some relaxing, guided, mindful meditations for your own children to do.

Each meditation is delivered via an animated video, using our very own, exclusive cartoon character.

This course is the perfect accompaniment to our kids yoga teacher training course.

These meditations are also great to play for kids at bedtime to help children to calm and relax their body and mind.

You can download these meditations so that they can be played without and internet connection at anytime also.

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