Keeping work place a safe environment for those who want to be safety officers.

Dear students ‘

What you’ll learn

  • Students will learn how to deal with hazards at work place , how to assess hazard , how to set precautions and make work environment a safer one..
  • Safety around machines , safety around electricity , safety from fire..

Course Content

  • Introduction –> 8 lectures • 1hr 54min.



  • Basic knowledge in science can be helpful as the course is designed to cover the general and important aspects..
  • Understand the meaning of electrons , wires , combustion , electricity , fuel,.

Dear students ‘


This course has been developed as the need of safety has become more needed. Safety has become an important issue and part of business as well.

There is a great deal of demand on safety courses at work place. Safety according to the new legislations in many countries have become a part of the workers rights. Organizations that ignore safety of workers  could and will be prosecuted by law.

This course is  a guide that starts by defining safety ,  health , risk , hazard and accident from a safety point of view and describing the relation between these terms and states the differences as well.

This course has been designed to be understood easily as the language and the contents have been simplified.

The hazards mentioned in this course are the most common ones. There are many other hazards which will be discussed in more detailed course.

It is important to understand the concept of risk in order to implement the suitable preventive measures.

It is also important to know what steps to take before an accident happens and what steps to take in case of some accidents.

The course consists of videos animated in order to make it easier to understand. the regular , typical , board and teacher image is fading as

animated videos can give better effect. The animated videos have less words but with more meaningful gest.



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