Fitness Course For Beginners !

The Beginners Guide to Learning How to Exercises

Fitness Course For Bignners!

What you’ll learn

  • We will learn how we can contour our body shape.
  • Reduce fat with simple & easy exercise.
  • You will learn what does warm up do?.
  • Very simple & easy exercises for warm up.
  • Improved fitness through exercise.
  • Benefits of warm up.
  • Making your Body ready for Exercises.
  • Important Step towards your overall Fitness.
  • Weight loss while working out from the comfort of your own home or your favorite place with no gym & no equipment’s required.

Course Content

  • Introduction –> 10 lectures • 36min.

Fitness Course For Beginners !


  • Commitment to complete the course.
  • Interest for Fitness.
  • A place which is suits you; it can be your home or any type of your favorite place.

Fitness Course For Bignners!

Physical activity is an important part of losing weight & for healthy life. Not only does it help you burn calories, there are many different types and ways to exercise and it’s important to explore different options to find one you enjoy, but it also improves your overall well-being. This 30 Minutes Warm up course will help you to start a journey towards your fitness goals and make your body ready for exercises!

Being motivated to live fit &lose weight is important for long-term weight loss success.

So welcome to this course. This course is especially designed for those who want to to make a change in their lifestyle. I personally designed this program to help you out your fitness plans in such busy life. You have to take 20 to 30 mints in your busy schedule in order to keep your balance life. You will get benefits from my personal experience and will see the practicals as well.

I am aqib (A fitness trainer and a life coach motivator). I have achieved great results for my clients and I want you to share in their success. Coaching my clients one-on-one didn’t enable me to share what I’ve learned with a broader audience, and because of the frustration that I had in my own health journey. Let’s explore together a healthy lifestyle and Lose extra weight to become fit and achieve our fitness goals with Ease!

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