The Cryptocurrency Trading Course for Beginners

Learn to Trade Crypto Market by a 4 Year Crypto Trader: Technical Analysis, Risk Management & Indicators, and more

In this course you will learn everything needed to start Trading the CryptoCurrency Market right now!

What you’ll learn

  • Understand how CryptoCurrency Markets work..
  • Master Technical Analysis: Candlestick patterns and Technical Indicators..
  • Understand how to use common indicators: MACD, RSI, STOCH, EMA..
  • How to choose the best cryptocurrency wallet for trading..
  • How to Create a Profitable Objective Trading Plan..
  • Understand how to filter out market noise..
  • How to reduce risk and manage portfolio..
  • How to Use and Draw Support and Resistance Zones..
  • How to Identify market trends using indicators..
  • How to draw Trend Lines..
  • How to find basic TradingView Tools..
  • Master Common Candlestick Patterns..

Course Content

  • Introduction –> 8 lectures • 44min.
  • Candle Stick Charts –> 5 lectures • 22min.
  • Support and Resistance Zones –> 4 lectures • 19min.
  • Candlestick Patterns Series –> 8 lectures • 11min.
  • Advanced Candlestick Patterns –> 7 lectures • 8min.
  • Advanced Candlestick Patterns Part 2 –> 10 lectures • 11min.
  • Common Indicators –> 4 lectures • 13min.
  • Trading Plan Creation –> 3 lectures • 27min.

The Cryptocurrency Trading Course for Beginners


In this course you will learn everything needed to start Trading the CryptoCurrency Market right now!

In this course students will get real life examples along with best use cases of information.

You will be learning from Corey Corbin, who is the Founder of CryptoTrading Channel.

So whether you want to generate a side income by trading the Crypto Market or if you want to make CryptoCurrency trading your only source of income then you have come to the right course.

In This course we will cover beginner level information to get you on the right path to becoming a consistently successful Trader. Along with the material we will be giving you our personal beginner trading plan which can fast-track students’ rate of success.

By the end of this course you will understand the Basics of CryptoCurrency Security along with CryptoCurrency Market structure. You will understand common cryptotrading terminology like: short, long, bullish engulfing and much more!

You will be able to select which trading platform best suits your needs from centralized exchanges to decentralized exchanges.

You will know how to analyze the CryptoCurrency you are trading by learning Technical Analysis and Risk Management Fundamentals. You will also be able to use effective risk management to

You will also become an expert in Candlestick Chart reading! This means you will know how to spot the most effective Candlestick Patterns as well as best Technical Indicators. Allowing users to buy and sell at profitable levels.

We also cover Risk Management and Best Practice techniques so you will be able to know exactly how much to buy or sell, and set stop losses to reduce risk.

You will also be receiving a Excel Sheet to calculate your position sizing and keep track of your trading performance along with an example trading plan.

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