No-Code Web App Development for beginners

Build Web Applications with no code

What is no-code development?

What you’ll learn

  • Build Web Apps with no code.
  • Use built-in authentication with apps you build.
  • Build pages for your app.
  • Deploy your app to a live environment.
  • Build a Todo List Web App.

Course Content

  • Getting Started –> 4 lectures • 18min.
  • Build a Todo App –> 7 lectures • 35min.

No-Code Web App Development for beginners


  • No programming experience required.

What is no-code development?

No-code development is a type of web development that allows non-programmers and programmers to create software using a graphical user interface, instead of writing code. The no-code movement rests upon the fundamental belief that technology should enable and facilitate creation, not be a barrier to entry.

So much that we do in our day to day lives is powered by code. Whether we’re checking our bank accounts, liking friends’ photos on social media, or are searching for new outfits on our favourite ecommerce sites, programming is what makes all of these actions possible.

For the majority of us who lack the know-how in writing code, the idea of crafting a web app, or building a website seems forever out of reach. But what was once a space that only developers and those well-skilled in coding could navigate, is now open to everyone. The no-code movement has removed the obstacle of having to know programming languages, letting anyone bring their ideas to light.

Where app development and launching web applications was once only possible by skilled programmers, no-code development platforms, along with the wealth of tutorials out there can get anyone on their way to getting their ideas out there. Being a non-programmer no longer matters.

No-code is simply an abstraction layer over code. Meaning, it takes the fundamentals of code and translates them into simple drag and drop solutions — allowing creators to build modern apps and websites visually.

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