Climate Change Economics using Data Science

Economics on Climate Change


What you’ll learn

  • Economics of Climate Change.
  • Evaluating the effect of different measures in tackling climate change.
  • Evaluating the Cliamte-change caused immigration, using Data Science.
  • Tracking the carbon emissions intensity.
  • and many more.

Course Content

  • Evaluating Low-Carbon Actions that Reduce Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Emissions –> 3 lectures • 42min.
  • Climate-Change Immigration Analysis –> 1 lecture • 11min.
  • Tracking the carbon emissions intensity –> 3 lectures • 41min.
  • Tracking the progress of electricity access –> 1 lecture • 26min.
  • Tracking the share of Renewables in the electricity generation mix –> 1 lecture • 25min.
  • The new shape of the Energy Market –> 4 lectures • 27min.
  • Tracking the Installed Capacity of Renewables globally –> 3 lectures • 20min.
  • Analysis on Energy Balances –> 4 lectures • 49min.
  • A shift towards renewables. –> 1 lecture • 27min.

Climate Change Economics using Data Science




To get a good sense of what this course is about :

1. please watch the Video on the top-right part of the screen  ( promo video )

2. please watch the free videos.




  • No pre-requisites:   You really do not have to know Programming (for instance, Python or MATLAB). This is because we go through the commands in great detail and with many examples. So, you will not need to know them in advance.
  • We start from scratch: This means that you do not need to have done any preparatory work in advance or to have attended any other introductory courses. This is because we really start from scratch. We go slowly, and fully explain what is needed.
  • Nothing for you to guess or search online: There are courses, online, that give you a short description of the code they teach you. And then, they depend on you having to browse online and find what this code does.
    However, in this course, there is NOTHING for you to search around. Every line of code is explained in detail live – on screen. No slides, but live demonstration of what every command does .This way you save time and learn exactly what is shown and why it is shown.
  • For this reason, the recommendation is that you do not take any course before this one. We jump straight into action, and that is all that is needed.
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