The Ultimate Character Creator with Photoshop

Design Your Own Unique Characters From Zero To Portfolio. Draw & Design For Video Games, Movies, Cartoons & Animation!

Want to be an aspiring artist that designs great characters for games and animation but thinking it’s hard ?

What you’ll learn

  • Learn character creation with Photoshop.
  • Design characters for games, animation, movies.
  • Create your own pipeline, your own workflow.
  • Design your very own unique characters.

Course Content

  • From Zero To Portfolio –> 9 lectures • 4hr 11min.

The Ultimate Character Creator with Photoshop


Want to be an aspiring artist that designs great characters for games and animation but thinking it’s hard ?

Struggle is real i know but it is not that hard if you shape the skills as in healthy addictions.

In this Ultimate Character Creator course i will be showing you the skills i’ve honed by the experiences, step by step what i am doing, not speeded up progression but the whole piece from scratch start to finish on Photoshop.

If you follow the tutorial videos i have made step by step, pausing them and not only practising but also doing the full work you will have your own portfolio piece & a new original character fully designed by you.

This course is only waiting for your spice(words, imagination, characters you want to create etc.)


1 – Ideation & Gathering References

First things first! Gather inspiration!

Gather all the footage to your work. Keep yourself limited too if you don’t limit yourself with the words that you have come up with

you might get lost in the ocean of references. Ask yourself ;

– What inspires you ? What would inspire your character design ?

– What are the needs of the character to have a soul ?

– Where does she/he lives ? How old is she/he/it ?

– Which time does she/he belong ? etc.

The questions you can possibly ask are endless and builds the guidance to your design.

Whatever comes to your mind limit yourself with some words & design choices


2 – Sketching & Design Techniques

Use your references as you start sketching.

You are still asking yourself questions but now the answers can come through your tablet pen, pencil, up to the medium you choose.

I have heard this term before ‘thinking with the tip of your pencil.’ Now we are asking and try to answer them by sketching.

While making these sketchings explore as much as you can but also be smart and limit yourself according the info that has given to you or the one that you have made yourself.


3 – Exploring & Finalizing the Fist Base Design of the Character

Manipulate your design to explore further. ‘ Control + T ‘ is one of your best friend at this point.

Use the shortcuts that has given and mix them with your creation to your taste.

Before cleaning up the sketch this is a great phase to play with the design and take it to another level.


4 – Posing A

Time to wake the Frankenstein up!

Our imagination & references are also our best friends.

You can sketch the pose from your imagination. Also can take a photo/video of yours and select a frame to put on your reference(can be called mood also) board.


5 – Posing B

Not more of just the same! Now our reference board & internet are our best friends again.

Now we can sketch a pose from an example comes from the world of internet. Again up to your liking & your character & your limitations & your design needs & choices.


6 – Choosing & Cleaning Up the Sketch

I know it is hard but be brave! For you shall be the one that chooses(Or maybe your art director would do it for you:)

We are now using the Pen tool & various techniques to level up our work. Quality matters more than quantity here. We need to use steady and confident lines.


7 – A Way of Coloring System & Mindset for Possible Art Directors Feedback Changes

Luck could be something we can make!

Using the tutorial you can also design the way of coloring like we do. Build your coloring way least at once this way and you shall get the benefits for future arrangements.


8 – Polishing & Finalizing the Design ready for the Portfolio & Publish on Social Media

Wax on! Wax off! Time to shine! Layer options are also our allies.

I have showed some of the techniques i have used. Test the colors and layer options as much as you can at this point because it is time finalize our work and exhibit where you need them to. Congrats!


If you repeat this cycle of work it will become a second nature to your workflow and you will get even better.

Never turn off your brain while working. Keep thinking & answering yourself while working.







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