STAAD PRO: Design of Earthquake-Resistant Structures

Seismic Design: Equivalent Lateral Force Procedure

Design of Earthquake-Resistant structures with STAAD Pro Connect Edition.

What you’ll learn

  • Effective understanding of Static Seismic Analysis and Design.
  • Detection and Analysis of Soft Story and Story Drift in Structures.
  • Application of IS 800: 2016 Codes and Parameters.
  • Creation of Seismic Mass and Diaphragm.

Course Content

  • Model Generation and Loading –> 4 lectures • 14min.
  • Workshop Video –> 1 lecture • 59min.
  • Analyze the Structure and Review the Results –> 3 lectures • 2min.

STAAD PRO: Design of Earthquake-Resistant Structures


Design of Earthquake-Resistant structures with STAAD Pro Connect Edition.

The major highlights of the delivery are as follows:

1. Equivalent Lateral Force Procedure (ELFP) to Codes IBC 2012; IS 800: 2016

2. Generation of Seismic Masses

3. Accidental Eccentricity

4. Detection of Soft Story

5. Story Drift Analysis

You will learn how to create a seismic load definition which will instruct STAAD Pro to calculate the seismic loads according to the IS 1893 (Part 1): 2016. You will also learn how to define the effective seismic weight of the structure that will be considered to contribute to the seismic base shear.

Model Geometry: All of the model geometry, including members and nodes, has already been created.

Member Properties and Specifications: All of the member properties, including the section properties and materials, have been assigned to each member in the model. All of the applicable member specifications and supports have also been assigned.

Loading: Gravity loads have been modeled as Reference Loads. The gravity and seismic load cases have already been created.

Analysis Commands: A PERFORM ANALYSIS command has already been specified at the end of the Input File

Section Description

In this workflow, we will generate seismic loads in the horizontal X and Z directions according to the IS 1893: 2016 Equivalent Lateral Force Procedure.

Skills Taught

Generating Seismic Loads without Accidental Eccentricity

Performing the Analysis and Reviewing the Results

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