Home Staging Masterclass

A comprehensive step-by-step guide to styling a home for sale.

Home Staging Masterclass

What you’ll learn

  • Understanding Home Staging.
  • Knowing your target market.
  • A room by room guide to staging a home.
  • How to style like a professional.

Course Content

  • Introduction to Home Staging –> 2 lectures • 3min.
  • What Home Staging is, and is not. –> 2 lectures • 3min.
  • Determining the Target Market –> 1 lecture • 1min.
  • The Foundations of Design –> 2 lectures • 1min.
  • Building Blocks: Design Elements –> 2 lectures • 7min.
  • Tools: Design Principles –> 2 lectures • 5min.
  • The Rules of Interior Styling –> 1 lecture • 4min.
  • The Essential Elements of Home Staging –> 2 lectures • 8min.
  • Room by Room Staging Guide [The Good Stuff!] –> 13 lectures • 51min.
  • Using Greenery in Your Home –> 1 lecture • 2min.
  • Organising Your Storage –> 1 lecture • 3min.
  • Repairs and Maintenance –> 1 lecture • 1min.
  • Hiring Furniture –> 1 lecture • 2min.
  • The Exterior –> 1 lecture • 4min.
  • On The Day –> 1 lecture • 1min.
  • Wrap Up –> 1 lecture • 1min.

Home Staging Masterclass


Home Staging Masterclass

A comprehensive step-by-step guide to styling a home for sale in order to sell it for up to 17% more and statistically 87% faster than comparable non-staged properties.


We have developed the online Home Staging Masterclass to give you all the tools you need to successfully stage your own home, or someone else’s home, for sale.

Saving thousands of $ on what is otherwise a luxury service reserved for premium properties.




  • Understanding Home Staging

Debunk the myths around home staging vs home decorating.

There’s more to home staging than hiring furniture to fill an empty room or adding extra pizzazz to a luxury mansion, when it comes to styling a home, it’s all about making a property stand out from the crowd to be as appealing as possible to potential buyers. The online Home Staging Masterclass will debunk the myth that home staging is simply decorating the space in your home and show you why it is so much more.


  • Knowing your target market.

Learn how to determine the target market for your home.

When it comes to property, it’s every seller’s dream to make a quick sale at the highest possible price. In order to do so though, it’s important to not only market your property to the correct target market, but also to style your property to appeal to the most likely buyer for your home.


  • Room – by – room guide

Learn how to apply the essential elements of home Staging to your property.

The online Home Staging Masterclass will give you a room by room guide to get the best of every space (including the exterior), as well as an understanding of the highest pay-off rooms in your home.


  • Style like a professional

Know the industry techniques used by professional home stagers & stylists.

The Home Staging Masterclass will give you an understanding of design elements, design principles and the rules of interior styling used by professional home stylists when staging a property for sale. Using these techniques, you can accentuate space, make the property look less run down or outdated, and warm up empty or cold-looking spaces.


  • Printable resources

Get your step-by-step checklist and resources guide full of professional techniques.

Not only will you have unlimited access to the online course, but we will also give you a printable step-by-step checklist and a resource guide full of professional tips and techniques you can follow to make your home as attractive as possible to potential buyers.



“A well-styled home can help potential buyers visualise what they can do with different spaces in a home.”

Most importantly, first impressions are vital. The photos and advertising materials of homes that are styled are so much better, and encourage many more people through the door, than the photos of a home not styled.


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