How to manage effective meetings

The importance of having effective meetings

Hello and welcome to our course!

What you’ll learn

  • Introducing the concept of effective meetings.
  • Meeting preparation.
  • The purpose of the meeting.
  • How to create a meeting agenda?.
  • Who are the meeting participants?.
  • How important is the meeting invitation?.
  • Prior to the meeting.
  • Is the meeting necessary?.
  • Meeting checklist.
  • Meeting preparation as a starting point.
  • The meeting. First steps.
  • Implementing the agenda.
  • At the end of the meeting.
  • What comes after the meeting.
  • How to do a follow up.
  • Evaluating the meeting.
  • Creating the follow-up checklist.
  • Types of meetings.
  • Problem solving.
  • Decision making.
  • Online meetings.
  • How can a meeting fail.
  • Fixing meetings on the go.

Course Content

  • How to manage effective meetings –> 23 lectures • 1hr 23min.

How to manage effective meetings


Hello and welcome to our course!

Meetings help people feel included, trusted, and that they are important team members. Meetings and one-to-one discussions are fuel for the company!

Meetings are opportunities for our team members to contribute with their ideas, while letting them know our expectations, needs and wants from them.

But it’s also a way for employees to gather, exchange ideas, share feedback and learn from each other.

So why is important to make sure your meetings are effective?


From your own experience, you know that not everyone comes ecstatic to a meeting. Most of the people dread only by the thought of team meetings. And only because we don’t see the benefit of it and, probably because of how the meetings are held.

There are good meetings and there are bad meetings. Bad meetings drone on forever, you never seem to get to the point, and you leave wondering why you were even present.

If you’re having meetings for meeting’s sake, then you’re wasting everyone’s time including yours!

Effective meetings leave you energized and feeling that you’ve really accomplished something. They are not difficult to achieve, but they do require certain skills and a structure.

Effective team meetings will help your team deliver quality work much faster, but also will strengthen and bond the team together. And it will also help you showcase your leadership skills.


Some of the benefits includes:

  • Builds stronger relationships
  • Helps make better and faster decisions
  • Promotes inclusion within the team
  • Facilitates creative thinking and innovation
  • Creates a medium for feedback and continuous improvement
  • Improves employee engagement


Let us help you take the best out of you and improve your meetings!

We look forward to see you in our class!

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