Fiverr VO: How to become a TOP Selling Voice Over on Fiverr!

Discover the secrets to becoming a Fiverr Pro Voiceover and rank in the top 1% of sellers on Fiverr as a Voice Over!

* Complete Fiverr Voiceovers Course Updated 2021 *

What you’ll learn

  • Module 1 The Foundations of Your Voiceover Services This module will set the foundations of your new money making voiceover business whether you choose to work part-time or full-time. I’ll walk you through the entire process step-by-step from getting set up on Fiverr through to creating professional looking gigs that are optimized to beat your competition and generate more sales and repeat customers..
  • Module 2 Fiverr Extras Turn Your $5 Gig Into a $165 Gig! Gig Extras are where Fiverr gets really interesting. This is where the REAL money is made! The more you level up in the Fiverr heirarchy, the more opportunity you have to add more and higher costing Extras. You can change these Extras and their pricing at any time, so there’s no harm in testing different offers to see what might work best for your buyers. In this module you’ll discover how to dominate your competition by adding more value to your gigs which will almost force customers to choose your gig over anyone else..
  • Module 3 Voiceover Training from Top Professional Voice Over Believe it or not, your voice could be exactly what someone is searching for and more importantly willing to pay for. So in this module I’ll show you exactly how to set up your voice recording equipment without having to spend a fortune and how to prepare your voice the right way, so you can record and deliver high quality professional voice overs to happy customers that use you again and again….
  • Module 4 Delivering Your High Quality Voice overs to Happy Customers The key to stacking up the Fiverr cash is to be very efficient at delivering the orders that meet your customers needs exactly as soon as possible and without any mistakes or need for further editing. On completing this module you will know how to set up your equipment and prepare your voice, read scripts, record and edit your voice overs as well as deliver the required audio or video file to your customer..

Course Content

  • The Foundations of Your Fiverr Voiceover Services –> 13 lectures • 1hr 9min.
  • Creating Your Fiverr Gigs! –> 8 lectures • 42min.

Fiverr VO: How to become a TOP Selling Voice Over on Fiverr!


  • A microphone is essential + stands (optional).
  • A computer, PC, laptop or MacBook + audio editing software (available free).
  • A pop shield (optional but recommended).
  • Digital Recorder.

* Complete Fiverr Voiceovers Course Updated 2021 *

Create Your Own Voice Overs And Tap Into One Of The HOTTEST Selling Gigs On Fiverr!

This is the exact step-by-step system I use to earn thousands of dollars each month by simply reading scripts and recording voice overs.

If you have a service to sell, the obvious thing to do is to create your own website.

But why go all the hassle and expense… and then the pain of continually optimizing the site using SEO, when there is already a huge services site out there, very well known and ready to make you a good income?

Fіvеrr іѕ a glоbаl online marketplace where people from all over the world can offer a variety of different tasks аnd ѕеrvісеѕ to customers for the minimum price of $5 per job. Each job can include extra features which the customer can also choose to purchase.

This is where the real money is made and you’ll discover exactly how to do this and how you can easily turn a single $5 gig into a gig that people pay you $200+ and turn them into customers that are happy pay for your services again and again…

Go on the site and you’ll see that there are loads of voiceovers already but that’s not a reason, to not get involved yourself. You have got a unique voice, we all have, and once you start pulling in regular clients, they’ll come back to you time and time again, as only you can offer the voice and service that you provide.


What Will You Learn?

Learn how to record and edit showreel demos in exactly the correct format for the Fiverr site that will optimise your income from the site.

Discover the best way to write your description, name your voiceover gig and to create a winning eye-catching thumbnail to get your gig high in the Fiverr search results!

Understand how to tap into this massive expanding freelance market, and how to maximize your income. Don’t worry, you won’t be recording a voiceover job for just $5, that certainly won’t be worth your while. Peter will show you all the insider secrets so that your may even be able to draw a full-time income just from the Fiverr site!

This course will teach you everything you need to create a winning, professional voiceover gig on the fiverr site, whether you specialise in documentary narration, TV & Radio ads, audiobooks and many more styles.


The best thing about providing Voice overs is that you can earn a lot of money from gig extras…

Let’s say that you charge $5 for reading a script of 50-100 words, most scripts will be far more than 100 words so a customer will be required to purchase more gigs.

You can also charge extra to add the voiceover to an existing video or you could even offer to add some background music?

You can add an additional charge for express delivery so your customer receives the completed voice over quicker.


Meet Your Instructor:

Peter Baker is a FiverrPro seller, so is one of the top 1% of all sellers worldwide on Fiverr. What he doesn’t know is not worth knowing! He has been in various staff positions as presenter and producer / director at broadcasters, both for BBC TV & radio and ITV Granada, and for many years has been a professional voiceover, audio editor and podcast producer for various clients. Peter is the author and presenter of many best-selling courses on Udemy and other platforms, featuring voice improvement, the voiceover business, media software, presentation techniques for video, business writing, freelance working and corporate conference presentation.


What Do You Get When You Enrol?

Over 2 hours of professionally produced HD video lessons.

A comprehensive downloadable PDF resource including a full transcript of the course.

Lifetime access to all course updates.

Support from your helpful instructors if you have any questions.


100% Guarantee!

We are very excited about this new course – updated in 2021 – with years of broadcast experience and top tips distilled into every chapter. We’re confident that you’ll get a great deal from it. So please try it out. If you find out it’s not for you, you’ll get a full refund. No problem. It’s a solid 100% money-back guarantee.


You don’t need to be a computer wiz or have any technical experience. You simply just read a script, record your voice and get paid!

Nothing is held back, so you can get started immediately and start earning money as soon as today!

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